PreK-12 Engineering
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Broad Concept: Materials both natural and human-made have specific characteristics that determine how they will be used.

1.1 - Identify and describe characteristics of natural materials (e.g. wood, cotton, fur, wool) and human-made materials (e.g. plastic, Styrofoam).
1.2 - Identify and explain some possible uses for natural materials and human-made materials.
1.3 - Identify and describe the safe and proper use of tools and materials (e.g. glue, scissors, tape, ruler, paper, toothpicks, straws, spools) to construct simple structures.

Broad Concept: Engineering design requires creative thinking and consideration of a variety of ideas to solve practical problems.

2.1 - Identify tools and simple machines used for a specific purpose (e.g. ramp, wheel, pulley, lever).
2.2 - Describe how human beings use parts of their bodies as tools (e.g. teeth for cutting, hands for grasping and catching) and compare their use with the ways that animals use those parts of their bodies.

The information on this page is taken from Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework:
For Teacher Working Groups' Review, February 7, 2001.
Please check the Massachusetts Department of Education site for updates.
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