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1.1 Identify and describe characteristics of natural materials (e.g., wood, cotton, fur, wool) and human-made materials (e.g., plastic, Styrofoam).
  Touch and Discover Grades:Pre K - 2  
Summary: Students work in pairs or small groups to identify and categorize various objects. One student is blindfolded and the other student chooses five objects for their partner to identify. The blindfolded student has to describe and try to identify the object based solely on touch. Both students then record their data, describing the objects first as human-made or natural, then living or non-living, and finally physical characteristics. This activity can be modified to challenge different age groups. This activity would go well with a lesson on animal classification.
Full Activity(out of 5) | Difficulty: 4(out of 5) | Time: 60 Mins | Materials Cost: $0- $0
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