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2.2 Describe how human beings use parts of the body as tools (e.g., teeth for cutting, hands for grasping and catching), and compare their use with the ways in which animals use those parts of their bodies.
  Invent a Backscratcher from Everyday Materials Grades:Pre K - 2  
Summary: Being able to recognize a problem and design a potential solution is the first step to the development of new and useful products. In this activity students will be creating a device to get that pesky itch in the center of your back. Once the idea is thought up the students will produce a design schematic (sketch). Students are given a variety of everyday materials and recyclables. With these materials, students will need to create a back-scratching device.
Full Activity(out of 5) | Difficulty: 5(out of 5) | Time: 45 Mins | Materials Cost: $0- $10
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