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5.1 Describe the different instruments that can be used to measure voltage, e.g., voltmeter, multimeter.
  Speaker Project Grades:9 - 10  
Summary: Audio speakers are an everyday item in todays world found in televisions, computers, stereos, etc. This project is designed to teach a student about how sound is generated using electrical currents and magnetic fields to produce pressure differentials perceived by humans as sound. Students construct a speaker from raw materials such as magnets and wire while learning vital concepts that describe the theory behind sound generation. A speaker is a very tangible object that most students are familiar with and have interest in developing their own version. The finished product is a speaker through which a student can listen to their favorite song or whatever they please.
Full Activity(out of 5) | Difficulty: 5(out of 5) | Time: 700 Mins | Materials Cost: $150- $240
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