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6.2 Given a transportation problem, explain a possible solution using the universal systems model.
  Do as the Romans: Construct an Aqueduct! Grades:6 - 8  
Summary: Aqueducts are one of the wonders of the Roman Empire. These graceful structures are not only majestic, but are engineering marvels that survive to this day. In this activity, students work with specified materials to create aqueduct components that will transport 2 liters of water across a short distance in their classroom. The goal is to build an aqueduct that will supply Aqueductis, a Roman city, with clean water for private homes, public baths, and glorious fountains. By introducing various ideas and themes from the Social Studies curriculum on Ancient Rome and by an additional modeling project this could become a favorite interdisciplinary activity for middle schoolers.
Full Activity(out of 5) | Difficulty: 4(out of 5) | Time: 100 Mins | Materials Cost: $15- $20
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